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Join the MEMO22 team!

This August, the Middle European Mathematical Olympiad will be held in Bern. High-school students from ten different countries will participate and compete against each other in numerous exams. Additionally, they will partake in various extracurricular activities and get to know Bern and Switzerland better. In order to carry out such an event, the help of volunteers is essential. That is why we need you.

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How to get involved

There are several ways you can get involved as a volunteer and several roles you can take on. Your options are listed below.


As a guide, you would accompany a delegation from another country for the entire week. You would go along on the trips and make sure that the participants are at the right place at the right time. Availability: 24.08.-31.08.2022


As a runner, you help where help is needed and you take on the tasks that come your way. That is why it is no problem if you can only be there on certain days. Availability: Flexible


As an invigilator, you are present during the exams. Duties include supervising exams, distributing snacks and paper, collecting questions, etc. Availability: 27.08 & 28.08.2022


As a photographer, you are present at the events and take photos, which are then uploaded to our website. You are relatively flexible, because the job can be done by several people. Availability: Flexible

Event organizer

As an event organizer, you would help with the organisation ahead of MEMO22. For example, organising a sports afternoon or something similar would be an option. Availability: Before the event

Deputy leader

Only open for member of the Swiss Mathematical Olympiad. Availability: 24.08.-31.08.2022


Only open for member of the Swiss Mathematical Olympiad. Availability: 24.08.-31.08.2022


Do any of these roles appeal to you? Do you want to be a part of MEMO22? Then fill out the registration form and join us in making MEMO22 an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

Of course, all costs related to you volunteering and helping us are covered. Should you have any more questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to turning this event into reality together with you.

Further articles


Final Report MEMO 2022

The final report summarizes not just the achievements of the organizers but, in particular, the challenges encountered along the way. We hope that it will provide future organizers with practice experiences from behind the stage, delivering insight into the scale and diversity of the tasks.



Thank you all for the amazing MEMO!


Vier Medaillen für Schweiz an Mitteleuropäischer Mathematik-Olympiade in Bern

Vom 25. bis 31. August war der Mathematik-Nachwuchs Europas in Bern zu Gast. 60 Jugendliche aus Deutschland, Kroatien, Litauen, Österreich, Polen, Slowenien, Tschechien, Ungarn, der Slowakei und der Schweiz kämpften an der Mitteleuropäischen Mathematik-Olympiade (MEMO) um Medaillen.


Closing ceremony

The results of the MEMO exam were announced at the closing ceremony.


Excursion to Thunersee

The second excursion and the last day of MEMO: a boat ride over Lake Thun and a hike up Niederhorn.


Excursion to Emmental

The first of the two excursions: a trip to a forest clearing near a creek in Emmental.


Exam day two

The second of the two days during which the MEMO exam takes place. Contrary to the first day and most math competitions around the world, the problems of this day are to be solved in teams.


Exam day one

The first of the two days during which the MEMO exam takes place, when contestants solve problems individually.


Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony of the MEMO 2022, where all teams introduced themselves on stage.


MEMO 2022 Arrival day

On the first day of the MEMO, the teams arrived one by one. The participants were welcomed at the hostel and spent the free afternoon on the activities of their choice.


Heute beginnt die Mathematik-Olympiade in Bern – wie gut sind deine Mathe-Skills?

Heute treffen junge Talente aus 10 Ländern in Bern ein für die Middle European Mathematical Olympiad. Bist du ready? Oder musst du noch ein bisschen üben? Zum Glück hat ein Quiz für die weniger fortgeschrittenen Mathematiker*innen unter uns erstellt.


Bald in Bern: Die Mitteleuropäische Mathematik-Olympiade 2022

Vom 25. bis 31. August ist die 16. MEMO in der Schweiz zu Gast. Etwa 60 junge Talente aus zehn Ländern werden eine Woche lang Alpen mit Algebra kombinieren und sich während kniffliger Prüfungen mit Schoggi stärken. Wir sind der Frage auf den Grund gegangen, was die MEMO einzigartig macht.


Welcome to MEMO22 in Switzerland

This August, high school students from ten different countries will come together in Bern to solve mathematical problems, make new friends, and have a good time.